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English 102: Composition




Fall/2015 – Online

Instructor: Carl Waluconis                  Phone: 206-934-2927

Office hours: M-Th, 4-5PM: Conference by appointment please.

E-mail:         Office: 4106C



Lester, Richard and son. Writing Research Papers: A Complete Guide. 15th edition is best.

Your writing and research documents that you find.


The goal and theme of English 102 is to learn and practice research and writing skills that will enable the student to both research and write projects involving an area of interest.  In addition to expected appropriate punctuation, grammar, voice, format, and an effective writing style, library and other research skills will be necessary.  Work in the field of research will be necessary.  Time in the library will be necessary, and the use of other sources is strongly recommended for this course.

 If you have course adaptations or accommodations because of a disability’ if you have emergency medical information to share with me’ or if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated; please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

 Research -

Successful research involves being able to write with the following skills:

- Summarization - to concisely summarize what one had read (heard, seen, etc.).

- Analysis - to find ideas in what one has read.

- Interpretation - to synthesize and create one's own ideas from material.


These skills can be applied in a number of ways to a number of different projects.  Completing a series of projects that leads to a larger project will involve the writing skills described above.  Smaller papers related to the final research paper will sharpen those skills while at the same time leading to the final project.  There will be a short essay focusing on writing a paraphrased summary, a short essay focused on writing an analysis that uses sources as well as one’s own ideas, and a larger interpretive research essay that utilizes all of these skills.  To become a better writer and researcher is to enrich and broaden one’s consciousness.


The process to complete the research paper also requires a preliminary search and then a working list of sources, a compilation of note cards, and a preliminary plan/outline with a thesis designed by the student. 

Expectations & Evaluation -

The papers for the course and their prospective weight in your final evaluation (grade for the class) are as follows.  All of the items listed below will be described in more detail in the classroom and in separate handouts.

- Summary paper (1.5 to 2 pages)- summarizing a potential journal article for the paper  = 10%.

- Analysis paper (1.5 to 2 pages)- finding a new idea or definition and combining them from at least two periodical articles or books = 15%.

- Process: Preliminary search of sources, bibliography, note cards, plan/outline, thesis creation, etc. = 5%.

- Final research paper (12-15 pages) - thesis supported adequately through research, using formal, in-text citations and a "Works Cited" page = 65%.

-Self-Evaluation – a shorter student essay on what they learned in the course = 5%.

All final papers should be keyboarded, double-spaced, and written on a word processor.  Please e-mail them to your instructor by attaching a Word file.  A separate evaluation (score) sheet for each paper will be posted in advance to use as a check list before turning in the final drafts.


In short, the goal of the course is to complete a larger research project requiring substantial published material, as well as two shorter pieces that lead in content to the larger project, of course utilizing the necessary writing skills to complete these essays. 

Buying or copying material:

Buying or copying essays from others will result in a failing grade for the course. 


Due Dates

On-Line ENGL 102 Due Dates - Fall quarter, 2015







English 102 is an opportunity to work together and explore the possibilities of research, creating a synthesis of diverse material in order to make it one's own.

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